Relanium - Leel Lost (Electro Hard Teck)

Mereka yang aku patut terima kasih ..

Hohoho , dah setahun aku x update blog aku ..

simple jek kali ni sbb aku nak gerak gi kl ni ade main band ..

name die Farah Farliana , die ni caring gile . umo 19 tahun , renek je orang die tapi mulut potpet x berenti ...

ni pulak HAZIQ KECHIK ! die yg byk tolong aku masa aku tgh darurat .. trimas bro ! aku kenal die kat club 9mm , masa tu bulan 4 2010 , huhuu atok la kenal2kan kat aku ..

die ni , huhuhuhuhu susah laa nak cakap .. cepat mesra ngn aku . muka cute mcm budak , eiii nak terkam je rasa , hahahha nama die ARAA MIXS . umo 17 , jumpe kat CABANA . senang je nak cari die , pakai sweater merah .. huhuhuh

ini lak , macam abg aku dah . nama die ENCIK ABUL . dia mmg seorang yang x kedekut , 3 kali pegi club , die yg bukak air . banyak kali die belanja makan , bawak jalan2 . hoh aku mmg xkan lupa lah mamat ni . ( umo 27 dah nak kawin )

die ni pulak , AWAN METRIX . selalu membahan aku , selalu ketawa dgn bahan aku , x kurang gak cari aku untuk membahan orang . si sengal ni , ko tgk la gambar je dah cukup kesengalan terserlah . hahaha umo ? ntah 18 kot , haha aku bukan amik port sgt umo orang ni ..

ni pulak ADAM YEYOO/ YE YE OR / YO YO / YEE YEE .. ntah mane betol aku pun xtau bhahahahaahh :p

aku kenal die masa die keje cabana , aku keje dolce . dah setahun gak lah . macam2 perangai mamat ni , sabar jela aku bole cakap .

yang ni lak , BHAHAHAAHAHA sumpah aku xboleh dok senang kalo die ade sebelah . bapak keje polis tapi maki2 polis :\ .. nama die YUSOFF TAIYOOB , eh salah AYOB . huhu , xde henpon x jadi masalah , mamat ni ape heran hp ke laptop ke , ipod ke , ipad ke .. janji dapat duit , kuar jalan2 kat pontian dah tu NGOT NGOT jumpe polis BHAHAHAHAAHAH si bodoh ni !

ni lak AJ Azham , oops sori hehe yang pakai topi tu . die pun dah banyak tolong aku kat kl dulu .. aku nak cakap ape eak ? huhu asal cari pompuan je , ajak aku . setan ni , ko bukan pompuan ke ooopppsss ! teettt ~! bhahahahh ~

last but not least , Abg Jebat @ Tuan Azhar Mohamad . huhu die banyak tolong kembangkan bakat aku , kembangkan hidung aku depan orang ramai , kembangkan hidung die bile iCon dah femes macam Obama , kembangkan tayar pancit dan segala ape yg bole kembang2 lah ! hahahah abg jgn marah nanti kena jual ~

Singapore's Singtel Broadband VS Malaysia's Streamyx

Hye guys..

Yeah, This time im going to show you guys the comparison between two broadband ISP in Singapore and Malaysia. Why Singapore? because my family is there and i live in Malaysia.


OK, first of all what i like is Singtel is great. They have the speed range you can choose from 1Mbps to 10Mbps with just reasonable price. My family just changed from 3Mbps to 6Mbps (i'll tell you later) and what i got was this :

cool huh? yeah the video i downloaded from the youtube catcher finished in just 3 minutes. That's a total size of 156 MB and the average download speed through direct link is 600 Kbps to 1.1 Mbps..

That is the first thing. The second thing cool is the Modem itself. You got one USB, 4 Ethernet cables and it is a wireless modem also (2 years advanced than Streamyx buggy modem). Landline phone is free but it's charged if you call outside Singapore. And they have this thing called Mio TV which is like Astro but it uses Broadband connection rather than Satellite reception. The good thing about that (and Starhub's SCV) is no viewing problem like Astro's. No matter how heavy the rain is, you still can watch the TV unless you have a due bill and the subscription is blocked (d'uh)...


first thing i like about Streamyx is their server. Its near and there are no heavy traffic problems like request timed-out, laggy browsing speed and for residential use, they have this ultra speed access at 4Mbps (in Damansara, 10Mbps are still at Beta).

but there are lots,i mean LOTS of things i didn't like about Streamyx. Those are :
1 - high monthly subscription.
2 - Streaming speed sucks. A video of 10 minutes took 14-20 minutes of downloading.
3 - Torrent? i downloaded a recovery data of my laptop with the size of 1.2.GB and it took me A WEEK AND 2 DAYS.
4 - the modem is a piece of SHIT. i can't connect both my PowerMac to it because it only have ONE ethernet port. sucks!!!
5 - You need to have a landline phone to subscribe to Streamyx. (Singtel doesn't need landline phone, you can subscribe for land phones if you wanna use it)
6 - Streamyx service are like hell. I have to wait 3 weeks after my registration just for the TM guy himself comes and installs my modem. (at Singtel, you call them today and they will come tomorrow for installation)

okay guys.. im a bit tired plus no job rite now so have to go out and find a job or i will be kicked out of the house...

To be or not to be a DJ

heyya fella's... i just went back from this small DJing studio from Bryan Burger.  it's located behind Lot 10 in KL.. well i played a few electro songs for the full 1 hour and i felt great because it's my first time playing DJ decks after a few months watching people playing it at my workplace.

well i thought of taking a DJ class there. It costs RM 2100 per half semester (3 months) and payments can be done by installment of 4 times. i really like DJing because it can bring me anywere in this world. Of course i would have thought of high fees but i did asked my friends whether to take the lesson or not and mostly they said it is a cool job and with just RM2100 on 3 months learning, it is considered cheaper than DJ Fuzz's DJ Academy (FYI its 1k per month).

A few of my friends laughed at me when i told them i wanna be a DJ. seriously this is just the start of all the joy. It's not easy to be a DJ, well first i did have a few hiccups on the decks but after time i will get to master it. Plus my mom did some replannings on her monthly expenses just to support me taking the class.

hoho, i thought that she won't even allow me to be a DJ. Maybe at first i thought she will say this DJ thing wouldn't even make money and she doesn't want me to be at a place where people get drunk, but i managed to make her say OK and for the first time she did wanna spend a few hundred RM for my studies.

people always asked me, "what course are you taking now?".. i didn't have the guts to say that i'm a poor guy who cannot afford to further my studies. But this time i will told them im taking DJ lesson at BB (Bryan Burger).

well, that's all for today. Hope that i can be a professional DJ one day. And wish me that i can play a few songs at Japan or Australia..I Hope!!


alooooh... yesterday i discussed a few things with my colleague... the first thing is about malaysians, well as u know the government is pushing 1Malaysia further but i think there are a few problems that Najib must settle first..


1- every race has their own bad attitudes. Eg, 

2-Malay hate chinese because they like to mock people too much.

3-Chinese hate malay because of fashion and few rempits.

4-Malays hate Indians because they are actually pariah. Even if it's about a small tiny matter, they usually go noisy like shit!

5-Indians hate Malay because we like to call them 'keling'. Keling is actually somewhat called 'nickname of their home place'.Some time ago, they were brought to Malaya by British peoples for the rubber plantation from Kalinga (now called Sri Lanka). so instead of calling them black people, we call them their groups from Kalinga.

6-Some uncivilized people hate Chinese because their descendants were related to communists. 


1-This morning I arrived at Bangsar LRT at 9.15 AM. there was no bus there and no one waited, so i sat there and took cigarette. the bus arrived at 9.40 AM but the driver went inside the office. I don't know why the driver have to take 15 minutes break every trip that took 30 minutes (damn). when the clock ticks just a few minutes before 10 AM (my shift starts at 10) the driver went out from the office and he went straight to the bus. what happened was the driver put "stalled" sign in front of the bus' window. Me and other 15 people just went fucking mad because we have to wait for about half an hour just to know that the bus was stalled. AND THE BUS WAS NOT STALLED AT ALL. the dumbass drove the bus someplace where we didn't know. i arrived at BSC at 10.30 AM through a cab that was shared by 3 other person who needs to go to work fast. I don't know why but this is absolutely unacceptable because they have enjoyable times while most people like me have to listen to nags and scolds from our boss. 

2-Malaysian need to be fucking civilized either personal life, work, enjoyed times and other because if they keeps doing the same thing mentioned above in the next 30 years, probably MAHATHIR will die frowning :p

New Job, New Mood, New Team, New type of Happiness


a fucking day today. Just started working in a new place called twentyone tables and terrace.. I'm a waiter there but can get around 1.5k per month (wow)... my boss' are very cool english ppls and they know how to work in a group.. mostly they do sell liqours and beers but i seldomly send those drinks to guests, better pass it to someone else... got a black shirt and the only writings are at the back of my shoulder that states the name of the place.. usually i wear it with black pants to look more casual but unfortunately i STILL dun have enough money to buy Paul Smith shoes so i thought of buying a local one in UPTOWN.. great mood today but im very tired so it really helps me to deal with the so-called-formal pressures there. DANNY, ur the man, even i only know you today but i know ur a good owner and