Relanium - Leel Lost (Electro Hard Teck)


alooooh... yesterday i discussed a few things with my colleague... the first thing is about malaysians, well as u know the government is pushing 1Malaysia further but i think there are a few problems that Najib must settle first..


1- every race has their own bad attitudes. Eg, 

2-Malay hate chinese because they like to mock people too much.

3-Chinese hate malay because of fashion and few rempits.

4-Malays hate Indians because they are actually pariah. Even if it's about a small tiny matter, they usually go noisy like shit!

5-Indians hate Malay because we like to call them 'keling'. Keling is actually somewhat called 'nickname of their home place'.Some time ago, they were brought to Malaya by British peoples for the rubber plantation from Kalinga (now called Sri Lanka). so instead of calling them black people, we call them their groups from Kalinga.

6-Some uncivilized people hate Chinese because their descendants were related to communists. 


1-This morning I arrived at Bangsar LRT at 9.15 AM. there was no bus there and no one waited, so i sat there and took cigarette. the bus arrived at 9.40 AM but the driver went inside the office. I don't know why the driver have to take 15 minutes break every trip that took 30 minutes (damn). when the clock ticks just a few minutes before 10 AM (my shift starts at 10) the driver went out from the office and he went straight to the bus. what happened was the driver put "stalled" sign in front of the bus' window. Me and other 15 people just went fucking mad because we have to wait for about half an hour just to know that the bus was stalled. AND THE BUS WAS NOT STALLED AT ALL. the dumbass drove the bus someplace where we didn't know. i arrived at BSC at 10.30 AM through a cab that was shared by 3 other person who needs to go to work fast. I don't know why but this is absolutely unacceptable because they have enjoyable times while most people like me have to listen to nags and scolds from our boss. 

2-Malaysian need to be fucking civilized either personal life, work, enjoyed times and other because if they keeps doing the same thing mentioned above in the next 30 years, probably MAHATHIR will die frowning :p