Relanium - Leel Lost (Electro Hard Teck)

To be or not to be a DJ

heyya fella's... i just went back from this small DJing studio from Bryan Burger.  it's located behind Lot 10 in KL.. well i played a few electro songs for the full 1 hour and i felt great because it's my first time playing DJ decks after a few months watching people playing it at my workplace.

well i thought of taking a DJ class there. It costs RM 2100 per half semester (3 months) and payments can be done by installment of 4 times. i really like DJing because it can bring me anywere in this world. Of course i would have thought of high fees but i did asked my friends whether to take the lesson or not and mostly they said it is a cool job and with just RM2100 on 3 months learning, it is considered cheaper than DJ Fuzz's DJ Academy (FYI its 1k per month).

A few of my friends laughed at me when i told them i wanna be a DJ. seriously this is just the start of all the joy. It's not easy to be a DJ, well first i did have a few hiccups on the decks but after time i will get to master it. Plus my mom did some replannings on her monthly expenses just to support me taking the class.

hoho, i thought that she won't even allow me to be a DJ. Maybe at first i thought she will say this DJ thing wouldn't even make money and she doesn't want me to be at a place where people get drunk, but i managed to make her say OK and for the first time she did wanna spend a few hundred RM for my studies.

people always asked me, "what course are you taking now?".. i didn't have the guts to say that i'm a poor guy who cannot afford to further my studies. But this time i will told them im taking DJ lesson at BB (Bryan Burger).

well, that's all for today. Hope that i can be a professional DJ one day. And wish me that i can play a few songs at Japan or Australia..I Hope!!