Relanium - Leel Lost (Electro Hard Teck)

New Job, New Mood, New Team, New type of Happiness


a fucking day today. Just started working in a new place called twentyone tables and terrace.. I'm a waiter there but can get around 1.5k per month (wow)... my boss' are very cool english ppls and they know how to work in a group.. mostly they do sell liqours and beers but i seldomly send those drinks to guests, better pass it to someone else... got a black shirt and the only writings are at the back of my shoulder that states the name of the place.. usually i wear it with black pants to look more casual but unfortunately i STILL dun have enough money to buy Paul Smith shoes so i thought of buying a local one in UPTOWN.. great mood today but im very tired so it really helps me to deal with the so-called-formal pressures there. DANNY, ur the man, even i only know you today but i know ur a good owner and